Mark Hamill Video La La Land Liberals

Mark Hamill, like every other ‘Feelings aren’t Facts‘ La La Land Liberal, retweeted a video claiming President Donald Trump’s calling for the reopening of schools will kill your children.

Of course, Hamill is nothing more than another Hollywood Hypocrite who has been whining for months that Donald Trump doesn’t follow the science.

But the moment that science doesn’t match their leftist Trump-Hate agenda they simply forget the narrative they’ve been whining about for months.

As our sister site, reported yesterday. Texas Senator Ted Cruz trolled MSNBC host Craig Melvin’s for his horrified expression after watching an NBC News report that he believed would back MSNBC’s ‘Listen to the Experts’ agenda, only to watch it blow up in his face.

The NBC report interviewed five doctors that THEY choose only to have all five state that the risk of children becoming infected with Coronavirus, or infecting adults was minimal at best.

In fact, that NBC report made it a point to ask these doctors if they would send their kids back to school as President Donald Trump has called for? All five pediatricians stated they would absolutely send their own kids back to class without reservations.

You can watch that NBC video here

But of course, since it didn’t conform with his agenda, Mark Hamill conveniently ignored the scientific data.

Instead, he giddily retweeted this Trump-Hating Don Wilson #KeepYourChildHome Video that claims ‘If you listen to Trump and drive your kids to school, you could be driving them to their death’