Hanna Blows Down Trump's Border Wall

As we’ve seen with previous Delusional Democrats still claiming that President Donald Trump said: Good People on Both Sides, The Coronavirus Is A Hoax, and their latest TDS induced idiocy ‘Trump’s border wall falls over in high winds‘ when it comes to tweeting Trump Hate La La Land Liberals believe in one thing… F**k Facts.

Despite it being almost immediately debunked, Hollywood is still giddily jumping on the news that Hurricane Hanna blew over Trump’s border wall as if it this really happened…which it didn’t.

Rex Chapman the former professional NBA player and current liberal loony-toon social media influencer posted a video claiming that “Donald Trump’s magnificent, beautiful wall fell down in high winds”

Sorry, La La Land Liberals, but as Ben Shapiro famously said: “Feelings Aren’t Facts”

The now-viral video that Rex Chapman and other liberal loony-toons posted supposedly showed a section of President Trump’s border wall being blown down by Hurricane Hanna.

The video was in fact taken a month before the storm slammed the South Texas Coast, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Hours after the video started trending on Social Media, a spokesman from U.S. Customs and Border Protection said they were looking into the video, but expressed skepticism over its authenticity.

Hours later the federal agency issued a statement stating:

“The video circulating on social media appears to be from June 2020 when high winds caused several border wall panels that were pending additional anchoring to fall over at a construction site near Deming, New Mexico,” 

“That project is funded by the Department of Defense using 2808 Military Construction Funds, so any questions regarding the incident should be directed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”

So not only wasn’t the video real…It wasn’t even “Trump’s Wall” that was supposedly blown over since it was built with funds from 2008.

But as evidence by the La La Land Liberals still screeching the debunked New York Times conspiracy that Russia placed bounty’s on American troops and President Trump knew about it.

Facts are the last thing these TDS infected Hollywood hypocrites are worried about when the twittering twits start tweeting their Trump-Hatred.

Hysterically, the original poster of this fantasy Yadith Valdez (@yadithvaldez) did the right thing and deleted the tweet after finding out the story was a fallacy.

Y pooess asi, “Hanna” derribó parte del muro fronterizo que se construye entre Estados Unidos y México. Para la furia de la naturaleza, no existen fronteras. 🇲🇽🇺🇸… pic.twitter.com/N3BxTadRhh

— Yadith Valdez (@yadithvaldez) July 26, 2020

Transcribed into English, Valdez posted:

And so, “Hanna” knocked down part of the border wall that is being built between the United States and Mexico. For the fury of nature, there are no borders.

But, of course, Mark Hammil didn’t take the hint and claimed “Someone” deleted the video while still clinging to his delusion that the story was factual:

Other Hollywood La La Land Liberals didn’t much care about those pesky facts either: