La la land Liberals Distract Themselves From Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Exposing Bill Clinton

As our sister site reported the unsealing of the Ghislaine Maxwell Documents showed Bill Clinton was a pedophile who stayed multiple times on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘orgy island’, with ‘two young girls’.

The Ghislaine Maxwell Documents also confirmed that the FBI and it isn’t a stretch to say the Obama, Biden Administration had this evidence for years and did nothing about it.

But instead of either just remaining quiet, or at worse the #MeToo morons admitting that the documents were damning evidence against many of their Hollywood Hypocrite friends.

Instead, the La La Land #MeToo Hollywood Hypocrites Screamed TRRRRRRRRUMP!

Of course, buffoon Tom Arnold ignored reality and tweeted:

Alyssa Milano went the Retweet route to distract from her leftist nightmare.

Of course, Alyssa Milano only retweeted the 2nd part of Klasfeld tweet:

Techo Fog did an unbiased tweetstorm reporting on the unsealing of the Ghislaine Maxwell Documents.

Hysterically, 3rd Rock from the Sun Kristen Johnson was lucky enough to retweet Techo Fog’s tweet that missed tweet that didn’t report on Pedophile Bill Clinton:

Alec Baldwin distracted himself with this insane conspiracy theory. Raise your hand if you knew it was the UN world day against Trafficking in Persons.

Maybe, the U.N. can start holding countries like Malaysia accountable for their continued slavery…Just Sayin!

1/2 Kudos To Chance The Rapper for retweeting Kief Sweat who retweeted Marc Lamont Hill tearing Bill Clinton a new one, but not for being a pedo.

Loony-Toon Liberal Don Cheetos… Dammit, meant Don Cheadle tweeted

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