La La Land Liberals Chelsea Handler

Evidently La La Land Liberal Chelsea Handler put the bottle down long enough to add another tweet to her ever-growing list of ‘Tweeting With A Drunk Delusional Democrat’ idiocy.

This time the drunken delusional democrat regurgitated some of the liberal’s latest loony-toon idiocy concerning those evil Republicans.

Of course, as with all TDS liberals, Chelsea Handler posted her ‘feelings’ rather than ‘facts.’

As we reported on our sister site earlier this week. According to NBC, who is no friend to President Trump, the risk to Children contracting COVID is essentially slim, to none.

The NBC report put the kibosh on the Mainstream Media’s Trump-Hate “Follow The Science” agenda.

NBC interviewed five doctors for their story about sending kids back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every doctor stated that they felt there was so little risk they would absolutely send their own child back to school without any reservations.

Watch MSNBC’s Craig Melvin’s Hilarious Reaction After Watching His Parent Company NBC Destroy The Fake News Media’s “Follow The Science” TDS Agenda.

As for Chelse Handler whining about ‘Sexual Assaulters’ and her insanity about ‘Defunding’.

I think in her drunken haze she was thinking Joe Biden sexually assaulting Tara Reade, and the Democrats ‘Defund The Police’ delusion.