La la Land Liberals Kathy-Griffin Twitter Tweet

Kathy Griffin who hasn’t been out of the gutter since the day Donald Trump pulled off the greatest political election win in American history, is demanding Democrats stop taking the high road because beating Trump is too important.

Amazingly, despite covering politics for decades, I’ve still haven’t seen hide, nor hair of this “High Road” the Democrats are always jabbering on about?

I know Michelle Obama created the “When they go low, we go high” catchphrase in 2016.

But if anyone believed that crap, then I’m sure you went all-in on Michelle’s wife Barrack spewing “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.

Griffin’s latest idiocy is retweeting Trump-hating author Don Wilson, who has been screeching for 3+ years that Donald Trump will start WWIII.

Kathy Griffin couldn’t find the ‘High Road” if she used Google Maps.

Besides the fact, that even if she found the Democrats mystical unicorn-like ‘High Road’ do you really believe she’ll be carrying a 500-foot rope to climb up to it?

Remember this is the same Kathy Griffin who screeched she contracted the Coronavirus and that evil white supremacist Donald Trump wasn’t allowing her to be tested.

Hilariously we wrote in our article:

It’ll be interesting to see if Kathy Griffin starts tweeting from home within a few days.

I’m pretty sure if the Hospital has her Quarantined in a ward that has other COVID-19 victims she would not be released for at least 14-days.

And right on cue, the alien-like creature was released the very next day after doctors discovered her so-called Coronavirus was nothing more than gas. Kathy-Griffin-LIED-about-having-Coronavirus-COVID19

What she failed to tell everyone was she just returned from Mexico and was drinking the water.

So instead of just farting, she accused President Donald Trump of trying to kill her in order to get back at her for Griffin holding up a fake Trump bloody head.

Of course, more recently the ‘No longer taking the High Road’ Kathy Griffin received another visit from the Secret Service after advocating to kill Our President.