Chance the Rapper, Joe Biden, Kayne West
Chance the Rapper attempt at bolstering Kanye West’s potential presidential run has invoked the wrath of Twitter’s Democrat sheep, Never-Trumpers, and Cancel Culture mob.

Chance made a rare foray into politics on Monday, after he reposted a video from his fellow entertainer-turned-presidential hopeful.

“And y’all out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden,” Chance captioned a clip initially shared by Kanye as a touching tribute to his late mother, Donda.

Chance the Rapper receives massive blowback From His Kanye West Tweet.

The bulk of the comments came from the never-Trump #Resistance and the liberal loony-toon mob who chastised the rapper for chipping away at presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s support by endorsing West.

“If you use your platform to encourage Black people to vote for Kanye West, who has no chance of being elected to office, you will simply help re-elect racist Donald Trump,” CNN political commentator and former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin thundered.

But after thousands of tweets from the clearly angry leftist/Trump-haters, one thing became obvious the mob wasn’t reasoning why Biden’s policy’s made him a better choice than President Trump.

But rather they relied on only posting that Donald Trump must be defeated because…Reasons.

Chance the Rapper then did the unthinkable, he questioned Joe Biden’s suitability to be President.

Maybe, ‘Chance The Rapper’ did his homework on Joe Biden who after decades of being a Democrat Senator, and Obama’s VP, did nothing but hold the black community down. And, of course, was instrumental in creating the African-American prison pipeline.

But of course, in liberal La La Land, any black person who thinks for themselves, and/or questions why they should vote for the Democrats is immediately ostracized.