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La La land Twittering Twits in Hollywood & New York don’t have a clue what the average American household needs, or how they feel.

Hollywood believes they know what’s best and you should feel exactly like them or they will send their social media mob to pay you a visit.

La La Land Liberals Hollywood Hypocrites

La La Land Twittering Twits hysterics is beyond hypocritical.

A great example of this is found when they start crying that we should, NO. Must. Have open borders.

They whine that America should allow all immigrants, including those with criminal records into the country.

Of course, ask them to build immigrant housing in the Hollywood Hills section of California, they grow completely silent.

Their latest hypocrisy comes way of supporting the latest Black Lives Matter (BLM) hashtag activism #defundThePolice.

They, of course, 100% back the idea, but amazingly the do so while living behind gated communities, patrolled by armed personal security.

The Hollywood hypocrites are also accompanied by arm security when making public appearances.

But if anyone has the audacity to claim that some illegal immigrants are criminal. You’re immediately branded a racist, and therefore your opinion is invalid.